Welcome Statement

Lok Bahadur Bhandari, CEO
Gopal Bhandari, Executive Director/Founder Principal

We’re delighted to welcome you. Thank you for your interest in our programs. Xavier International’s dedicated circle of care team looks after students’ academic, social, emotional and physical needs on a daily basis and takes you to the university of your choice in future.

Our staff members help students succeed by learning about their abilities, needs, and keeping track of their overall grades. We tell them about our program’s recognition, flexibility, methodology, and reasonable fee structure, as well as the fact that no other school and college cares as much about students as we do.

Our Counselors assess students’ talents, design an integrated roadmap for success, and guide them to achieve their particular goals through a personal development plan that includes specific targets for each of them in the form of workshops and real-world experiences.

Xavier International teaching methodologies and learning styles prepare and equip students with much needed problem solving and critical thinking skills, team skills, time and people management skills along with self-awareness and appreciation so that they would be ready for the challenges in a constantly changing environment

Through character development and need-based performances, students are given numerous opportunities to learn leadership and attain academic greatness. The mentors and staff guide and inspire students to develop confidence and character qualities in order to achieve balanced academic and personal success.

Awards and Recognition
Appreciating and acknowledging accomplishments is critical to educational ethics and student goodwill. Students’ confidence soars, grades improve, college pride rises, and students are poised for repeated success throughout their educational journey as a result of the rewards they get.

University Placement
Due to its global network, Xavier International is well-equipped to communicate with top-ranked institution representatives and advocate for admission possibilities on behalf of students. We help students with program selection, admission requirements, and university application processes from start to finish.
Please do come and visit us and see for yourself what makes Xavier International so special.
A warm welcome awaits you.