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Bachelor of Science (Environment) - BSc Env.

Affilation: Tribhuvan University

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: Minimum of 12 years of schooling

In recent years environment education has gained an overwhelming popularity and momentum in the country. This has become the first choice of the majority of +2 students. Environmental science is a global issue, receiving more attention now than ever before and is going to increase in importance in the future. In this course the Students learn about the wide reaching influences affecting the environment and the role that individuals and governments will have to play in the future, as well as the contribution that you may be able to make to approaching advances.

It is carefully designed and covers all the aspects of environmental functionality, its problems along with sustainable management processes and methods.

Key Outcomes

  • Master core concepts and methods from ecological and physical sciences and their application in environmental problem solving.
  • Appreciate the ethical, cross-cultural, and historical context of environmental issues and the links between human and natural systems.
  • Understand the transnational character of environmental problems and ways of addressing them, including interactions across local to global scales.
  • Apply systems concepts and methodologies to analyze and understand interactions between social and environmental processes.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in quantitative methods, qualitative analysis, critical thinking, and written and oral communication needed to conduct high-level work as interdisciplinary scholars and/or practitioners.

  • Course Name: Bachelor of Science (Environment) (BSc Env.)
  • Affilation: Tribhuvan University
  • Course Type: Science
  • Course Duration: 4 Years
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